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On the steps of the new Doctor

Fair warning people, there will be a significant amount of nerding on this blog. Meaning, – anytime there is a new show or movie in the realms of Dr Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, anything within the DC and Marvel universe, yes, folks – I will be geeking out about it here. Not just on the films, but also on what I take home from the film/series as well. 

Didn’t you know? There is loads to take home from these shows on the matter of how to relate to people, how to find your inner hero and friendships, and the best part is, – anyone can relate to this!

In my life one topic challenges me more than anything, – my overcreative mind! The beauty of these shows are how they are so impressively creative that my creative mind relaxes, like other people do when they meditate – in silence.  

Back to the whole point of this blogpost; tonight I have been at the movie theatre to see the first episode of the THIRTEENTH Dr Who! That is my first finally and the second is – the doctor is a woman! And she is so awesome!

keep up with the force that is Jodie Whittaker

The whole movie experience started with a behind the scenes where we meet the whole crew in front and back of the camera. And then, Jodie introduces the show.

So what did I think, beyond geeking out about she being a woman? I loved it! She really owned the character of the Doctor. I find he/she (the Doctor is not limited by gender) having an essence that flows through them all, which  she really captured – with gumption! They talked about how she doesn’t have companions now, instead they are described as friends, who try to keep up with the force that is Jodie Whittaker. Loved it!

Now my challenge is how to find a way to watch the rest of the series in Norway, without travelling to the Uk every Sunday. A full year to wait to see the rest is a bit annoying. But like she said (and I am paraphrasing here) “you can choose to take the essence of you and choose something else and charge a head‘. Or something along the lines of keep what is good in you and choose to be something more. You know?

We all have a choice, and Thirteenth Doctor, we totally agree – and I am looking forward to see more soon!

Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Dr Who. Image by BBC

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