Fashion photography imitating art

Even though my schooling is in Art Photography, I must say, – art really bores me, in general, that is.

Whenever I go to a exhibition, I think; this will be the one, the one show I will come out in the end thinking I am glad I went. But, you know what? I never do. Until this one. This is to me to purest form of art (I guess I provoked a lot of art connoisseurs and haters of the fashion world now, but bare with me here).

When I saw the announcement of this exhibition in the danish magazine IN (my favourite danish mag), I literately clapped my hands! Not because it was Vogue pictures or because it was fashion, but due to a photoshoot by Mario Testino I saw in Vogue UK September fashion issue in 2011 that blew my mind (check out his vast archive over a 20 year collaboration with the magazine here).

This was one of those shoots where fashion imitates art – in this case Dutch art, but in my opinion, does it so much better than the painted pictures they are imitating! 

Photography by Mario Testino in Vogue UK September 2011

The artsociety GL Strand in Copenhagen collaborated with Condé Nast Espana on the exhition which shows how Vogue at times are inspired by the world of painting in their Fashion photoshoots.

Photographers portrayed were Annie Leibovitz, Horst P Horst, Emma Summerton, Tim Walker, Cecil Beaton, Nick Knight and of course Peter Lindbergh (the godfather of fashion art photography), to name some of the impressive line of photographers. 

“Vogue Like a Painting” exhibition may-September 2018. Photo on left Peter Lindbergh. The one on the right? I have no clue. Goes to show that being a wise ass and thinking I don’t need to do something, it was my brain giving me a hint on what I will need later. Beautiful picture though.

A celebration of the artfulness of fashion photography!

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