Your gift to your skin from Rudolph!

I have been looking for a kit like this for the longest time, and this face oil… oh, my! I think I just heard my skin say: thank you! Well, why isn’t this just another brand of creams?

I don’t know how many brands I have tried, but it must be 20 or 30 brands, all promising to be the one cream to rule them all. Right? The thing is, this one really is the one brand of skincare to rule them all! (Am i sponsored by Rudolph? Nope, but I sure wouldn’t mind, because this stuff is awesome!)

Buying this “Sparkle Like a Star” kit was the first time I bought the facial oil. A couple of months ago I’d tried a sample, and I just couldn’t forget the sensation on my skin!

get a free cleanse at Vita, trying out some of the products

In the same kit (basically for the same price as just the facial oil) I got a travel size Cleansing Milk, Açai Facail Scrub Mask AND a most exiting new product; A Hint of Summer, self tanning drops.  

Up until now, I haven’t been a fan of self tanning products, but this product, like many of the other award winning products (yes, they have won awards!) actually delivers what they promise. If you add the fact that there are beautifully designed and eco certified, – now how does it get even better than that? 

gives you the high end experience Rudolph Care, and you, deserve

What else can you do to be kind to you, these days before Christmas? You could get a free cleanse at Vita, trying out some of the products, whilst the kindness which is Ida from Rudolph Care, massages your face! You can book your next appointment at Ullevål Stadium shopping centers Vita Exclusive for desember 18th! The Ladies at this shop gives you the high end experience Rudolph Care, and you, deserve. Enjoy!

Ida from Rudolph Care with the magic hands!

I am off to my bathroom to cleanse, scrub, oil and give my skin a hint of summer. 

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