Yoga dancing with Nothing but Thieves

In my post yesterday, I started to follow a yoga routine for 30 days. Only thing is, I am a terrible follower, – but what if that isn’t necessarily a bad thing?

As I mentioned in said post, I also “talk” to my body. Or rather, listen to my body. So, when was the last time you listened, really listened to your body, other than when she (or he) spoke of pain?

Yesterday being my first day of 30 days of yoga, you’d think today would be the second one? I would never be that predictable! No, seriously, being the one listening to her body as though it was her best friend (as you should), I chose a different kind of yoga as my second day of yoga practice.

Don’t get me wrong, I am stilling going for completing this routine (again, a huge fan of Adriene Mishler and her way of doing yoga). Today after Christmas-gift shopping, I was prepared to be exhausted and having aches in my body as I returned home. Actually I had a blast shopping with my husband!

To be one with the music

We started off with a delicious breakfast and coffee at Åpent Bakeri Damplassen (brioche, I love you!) which is the best kind of start on a Saturday if you ask me. When we came home I was full of energy and started cleaning the house, and as always I put on music to accompany us, and today it was Nothing But Thieves. After we were done, a song came on as put away the vacuum cleaner: Itch. 

Cause I just wanna feel, I just wanna feel something real

The song was a invitation to my body. To feel. To move. To be one with the music, as I used to, when I danced 12 hours a week when I was a teenager. And I did. I pulled out my yoga mat on the livingroom floor and started moving in one with the music with yoga moves, boarderlining to dance.

I wonder what tomorrow brings. I have read some of the comments on day two of Adrienes 30 days of yoga, and I am really looking forward to it!

I listened to three songs by Nothing but Thieves:

Music is my religion, and my body agrees. 

Thank you for reading my post. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

PS! Now this is how my life works: which movie did my husband decide to watch on telly when I finished yoga? Come dance with me!

We watched Come Dance With Me after my Dance Yoga. My evening became a dance theme!

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