The importance of a language

Have you ever noticed how life takes a turn for the unexpected? Where all your desires come pushing through as though they have a mind of their own? 

As a coach, I state in no way that I am complete, in my education of me

This is what happens when you are in a constant state of wonder. Everything that is naturally you, that you have running as a program behind your everyday choices, is pulled forward by this wonderment.

As a coach, I state in no way that I am complete, in my education of me. I hope I never will be. Honestly. To me, discovering more of me and what I find fun and intriguing and most of all enriching to my life, is like a fun rollercoaster! I love the discovering of new ways, and better ways of communicating, with those around me, and people that are new to me. So why am I writing this? 

As you see on my posts in social media and in this blog, I write in English, even though I am Norwegian. I have always had more ease with writing in English. It is like I have lived in England for centuries, and just happened to stumble across a Norwegian lifetime now (if there are multiple lives). 

It keeps me from being too much in my head

At this moment I am writing on my book “Coaching with Ella – the Friday sessions”. I started to write it in Norwegian, without even thinking there was any other option. I did not go in wonder, as I usually do. The desire to write the book was stronger than actually asking questions. There are actually many choices when you write a book, a topic I will write more on later. But first, why is the choice of language so important? Why couldn’t I just write in my native language and translate it afterwards?

After 10 000 words it felt like I ran out of words in Norwegian and the words were shaped in the English language. I didn’t think anything of it, until I looked at my “Bank of Ideas” and found a couple of pages called “Life according to Ella”.

These were pages written at a earlier stage, a year ago, when I was still contemplating writing the book, I decided to write a couple of pages in English and see what came of the story.

Apparently I forgot all about it after writing it, but when I found it again, I was dumbfounded as to how I write. I loved it! I actually thought to myself damn, I am a great writer, I would read this! And isn’t this what every writing class teaches to aim for; write something you would read yourself!

puts me in a state of mind that alters how I relate to the thing

I realised at that moment, I hadn’t asked myself any questions. So I did, and this is how I like to ask questions:

  1. Book, would you like to be written in English or Norwegian?
  2. What would be more fun after 40 000 words, to have written it in English or Norwegian?
  3. Who am I choosing for?
  4. Am I settling for less here?

Yes, I am a bit crazy, but that is topic for another article. These questions are open and, somewhat weird, questions. Yes, I talk to what I create directly. Like I would any person I collaborate with. Maybe you do to and just haven’t noticed it yet (lets talk more on that in that other post)?

Anyway, I find it easier to have an open dialogue in my mind with the creation, in this case, – a book. It keeps me from being too much in my head, and it keeps everything up to the pace I like. 

I like to take some time to move around after I ask questions. Do something else. And listen. Being open to whatever would pop into my mind. An idea, a song, something somebody says as they pass me or being inspired to put the telly on and finding a show or movie playing that puts me in a state of mind that alters how I relate to the thing I am asking about. 

So, I had the awareness, the one that I knew all along, – I choose to write in English. 

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