3 tips to get more things done, on a MONDAY!

How to focus when you work without colleagues, and don’t want to be distracted!

  1. Superhero movies. I have them playing in the background. These are movies I have seen at least ten times, so I don’t have to pay attention, but they entertain me, and to me they are my dream colleagues who lead me into a state of mind that inspires me to be more productive!
  2. Soundtrack. If the visual should distract me, I listen to the soundtrack on Spotify, and I consider if I would like to feel the music with my body, or I would like to just listen to the music in my ears, a more intimate experience, locking everything else out.
  3. Time-challenge. I love music, and I probably play music for at least three hours a day. I wanted to comment on Twitter and be engaged on other peoples profiles, and what is happening out there, I challenged myself to see how much tweeting could I do per song!

For me it helps when things get playful, and I am quite the rockstar on finding ways to have fun whilst doing what was uninspired work, but so much more fun, whilst I started tweeting.

I chose a keyword #mondays and had a go at the tweets and did 20 tweets and likes before one song was over. So much fun!

Lets reclaim Mondays to be just another day!

Check out the video down below, and let me know what you do to stay focused!


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