Sometimes you just gotta say…

it is so much easier to structure other people and guide them to clarity


So what frustrates you today?

Me? I am frustrated with the indecisiveness and abundance of possibilities. Everything I have started and not finished. Laying there spasming like fish on their last breathe. I do like, no love fish, but these fish, – I think I will just say fuck it. I am moving on.

How will you know what you love to do, if you don’t get enough data/experience on it? It requires at least 21 tries to change something, or so I’ve heard.

I am also wondering if it has something to do with pace. How, if I pick it up a couple of notches, I will really get to know what my language on this blog will be, how I will talk in my YouTube videos and Podcasts.

For those of you who have read my earlier blogposts, yes, I started a yoga regime. Yes, I still love doing yoga, I actually do it at least every other day. But I suck at being a follower. I cannot, at this moment (who knows in the future) follow something for 30 days. I get bored. But I am still doing the routines, I am doing days 1 through 30, but not necessarily in that order. Some episodes I will do more than once because I enjoyed them so much. Others I will skip until later. It does not mean she is doing anything wrong, or that anything is wrong with me. I just choose different than the way she created it. I still enjoy the videos and her magnificence immensely. I just said; fuck it.

Going forward, you might experience my blog, my videos or my podcasts as unpredictable and out of structure. That is because I am seeking the structure I would like my communication to be.

It is so much easier to structure other people and guide them to clarity. “Physician heal thy self.” I am not a physician, but I am giving myself the medicine I give others. With the biggest bottle of fuck it, to be administered three times a day.

What is your greatest frutsration? What would you like to change?

Let me know in the comments down below! 😉


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