Who made you a critic anyway?

You’d might say it requires schooling and you’d might say it requires experience, but without the essential requirement, the only one who will listen to you, are the ones who love you for your judging, – not your content. They might even love you for your willingness to be a voice, but does that necessarily give you the oomph needed to be a powerhouse in what you do?

What is this essential requirement? First, let’s look at the critics position in our society. These are the most common areas of criticism:

  • The critic of the arts; films, theatre, music and books
  • The critic of appearances; fashion, bodies, architecture and interior design
  • The critic of behaviours; parenting, being a teenager, being single
  • The critic of values; how you spend your wages – what you spend and how to save money, what to invest in and what to give away

These, and many more, are what people critic every day, unconsciously and consciously.

It has come to a point where being the critic is what we do. It is part of being a human being. You are requirement to have an opinion on just about anything and anyone. Maybe it is due to the easy access of information with our mobile devices? That just because you have the access you should dive right in and be the critic of people you have never met?

Let’s consider the critic of the arts. When movies can range from a Cannes celebrated artsy movie to the lates DC or Marvel superhero movie, how is it possible for a movie critic to review a movie they quite honestly never would have paid for to see in the first place? Because, let’s be honest here; many of us consider on a regular basis to become a movie critic, just so we can watch movies for free, all the time. Right?

The critics have an education, don’t they? So they have to have a objective view on the movie they are viewing. Do they? All of them? And if they did, aren’t movies, just like music, books and theatre feelings, so how can you be objective about something that is so subjective and based on the compilation of the lives we have lead and desire to be in the future?

How does the critic solve this problem when they are to critic a movie they only will spend time watching, because they get paid for it? This is where the requirement comes in.

A critic who acknowledge their shortcomings and do the necessary actions to add the knowledge they are missing, will not only being listened to but also sought out for their views on just about anything.

For example (and here’s a freebie for you critics out there) when you find yourself on a topic you’d rather spend time watching paint dry than spending time writing your thoughts on your area of expertise, – this is what you do.

Own up to the fact that this is not your area of expertise, so you have found these three peoples opinions on the topic. Now, this would be people who love this topic and talks about it all the time. You might say, wouldn’t I be giving my power away to them?

If my freebie advice stopped there, you might be right. Might, but you are not completely right. Being the one who can see, and seek out, other peoples expertise, and summaries what you have learned in your own words and the clarity you get after talking with them, is what is making you the powerhouse in your field.

The actual weakness is showing that you rely on you, and you alone. Everyone knows subconsciously that no one can live this life on earth by ourselves. We don’t need each other, but we grow because of our acknowledgment of other people. We become better.

This is why you might, but are not completely right about giving your power away, when you share other peoples accomplishments. You need to include you in your story and when you do, people are listening.

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