How do you charge your phone?

Yes, I actually asked this question. Of course, I have had a epiphany with regards to my charging of my phone, and I will share it with you, in a bit.

How does one have an epiphany with charging your phone? Is it really possible?

Today, I was doing research on the topic of receiving; how people receive, how they would like to receive and how they are not receiving. Receiving what, you say? Well, – anything really, for example:

  • Peoples kind gestures
  • Money
  • Praise
  • Love
  • Friendships

And the most important receiving of them all: the receiving you. If you find this a ridiculous notion, you might consider how much you receive from yourself. Have I pissed you off yet? Confused you? Well, read on – clarity is just around the bend.

At our home right now, we only have the one charger for my husband and my own phone, being that we sent off the chargers with the kids on their holidays this week away from home.

I found myself home alone as my husband was working out with friends, so I realised – maybe I should just charge my phone? I had 56% battery, so I really didn’t need to, but I did it anyway. What if you did things not because you needed to, but just to receive more?

Do you wait to receive peoples kind gestures when you are at your rock bottom? Do you wait to create money into your life when your bank account is empty? Do you wait to show and receive love only when you feel like giving up on it?

There is a big no, right? Surely, you could do better than the status quo of your receiving (why limit yourself) but, as you start to charge more; being charging your battery or charging more money into your life or charging attention to more love, life will indeed be more ease for you.

You are worthy of more than 56% of everything you could receive. What would it take for you to receive even more today? Tomorrow?

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