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One of the reasons I do what I do, is that I always wanted to be a teacher. Although, my subject, is something that is asked of schoolteachers daily, on top of learning languages, math, science, history, social studies and how to care for the body.

The subject I would contribute with would be the subject of being a human, with other humans. It is as easy as that, and as difficult as that. After studying this, basically my whole life, I have come to the knowing that it isn’t as easy as some would think, and it needs the respect it is due. People are quietly suffering and enough is enough.

It is easy for someone who grows up with parents, or someone else, who shows the kids

  • why people act as they do
  • what choices they have in any situation
  • how to embrace what is uniquely themselves
  • appreciate possibilities for themselves and others
  • acknowledge what drives them
  • that vulnerability is actually an ability

It is difficult when you don’t have role-models, because being a human, with other humans, today – is more in your face than it ever was, with the instant communication we have through social media and with the pressure of the consequences of your actions and words on the internet.

It is not an age where you will gain complete knowledge of what everyone needs, as Chris Cornell sings with the band Audioslave “show me how to live”. The lyrics might not be as easy to read into for everyone, I am not sure he knew himself what he wrote, or if these were just words compounded from a feeling within him, but that being said, those five words, when I first heard them in 2002, they hit home as I was in my late twenties, still not sure who I was, and for that matter, how to live.

To me, the words show me how to live, are not from distress, but more from a frustration of how someone just don’t understand how. They desire to live a more full life, than they know how at the moment.

What kids experience today makes them more reactive than before or on the other hand, maybe even more closed up because they are afraid of the multiple unknown consequences. Which, can lead to kids giving up on themselves or on the other hand, push through so hard that they get exhausted of, something that should be their natural right, – being a human.

It is not, and I emphasise not, expected of every parent to understand all the above mentioned topics. It takes years to master and gain the knowing of how something as little as a change of a word, and a change of people you think support you and the realisation that we are not trying to be perfect, we are merely looking for what is our fit of life, in essence: what is good enough for you.

It is all about the power of knowing. When you understand why people can act the way they do and you know the options you have at any given moment and on top of that have an attitude of wonder (which cannot exist at the same time as the attitude of fear), you will have have confidence. The kids will have the tools they need to meet any situation.

There will come a point where you have the tools. Where you can face anything. I know, because I am there myself although I used to be so insecure when I was younger.

These days I am wondering how schools can add people like me, who excel in human interactions and can help the teachers be the teachers they would love to be, to teach the subject(s) they love and go in depth in their field of choice.

Someone who can come in and do talks with the kids and give them homework which brings them closer to themselves and others, in accordance, and in co-creation with, their schools teachers. Expanding the teams who builds lives and empower children.

As a parent of two kids, ages 14 and 15 years, I have observed teachers and listened to what they are saying, and not saying. They are overworked, but still they are smiling and ever so proud of the kids, but never feeling enough, as teachers. And it hurts a bit to see someone inspire children as much as they do, but they are so tired of giving and giving, day in day out, that when you cheer them on and appreciate them, it is like throwing water on a goose.

Children who have confidence and ease with other peoples behaviour cheer on other people, because they have the surplus of energy because they are not defending themselves, they can contribute to society.

I have an assertion, that we have come to a point in time, where we no longer can look away from the obvious statement: as much as we have teachers helping us understand other species, other cultures and languages, we need teachers to teach the most fundamental area of being humans.

In collaboration with the teachers we would support their work and the attention on the whole child.

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