How to be authentic in the real world

Yes, I am putting it out there. The claim of a real world. Honestly, all this glorifying of being authentic and how this seemingly will get you a all clear pass to perform admirably in all areas of life, is total b***s***.

Let’s be honest. No one can. Get real with you, – that is the whole point. This is why.

There will be a drive within you, on topics that you find so important, that you won’t yield for anything or anyone. People will have opinions, both loud and subtle, and you can silently call them idiots, let them have their opinions or engage in a heated discussion. Either way, this is important for you.

These topics may be fields in your work, your private life or maybe a hobby. You may be aware of how important it is to you or people will assign you traits: like being a rebel or being angry when it comes to these topics. This can irritate you or you can see it as an observation form someone else and their point of view on life. It is not your truth necessarily, it is their truth, and sometimes, their truths align with your drive and they will speak something that you have been considering, but not yet acknowledged.

Now would be a good time to kick in your magical ability of wonder and ask yourself some questions. What in what they are saying is true for me? And let it simmer a bit, before you go searching for the answer. Sometimes it is easier to let the answer come to you.

No one can show their authenticity all the time. However, they can show parts of it, all the time. The part which is so important, that comes from the drive within them, that just won’t shut up and demands your attention.

You always choose a role. You are never everything with everyone, but you are always enough with someone. Which role you present is all up to you. That doesn’t mean you are a fake. A role, as defined by Merriam-Webster is not all about being an actor. It is also a character assigned or assumed; as being a father, a socially expected partner assigned by someones status, and it is a function or part played in a particular process or operation.

These are parts of your functioning in your everyday life, and no-one in these particular roles are expected to be their all, their full authenticity. The notion of you not being able to be all of you with everyone everywhere, is a good thing! Seriously, this means that you, are such a complex being with so much to contribute to this world, that it is impossible to fathom the fullness of what you are and how you function for single beings.

It actually acquires a multitude of people, with different personalities for you to have displayed all of you. When you meet people, you show the parts of you that are in alignment with them. If you are not authentic with yourself and that is the whole point of being authentic. For you. So you can choose, when you are alone with you and your inner dialogue and when you are with others, communicating the role in alignment with them.

The only one who truly cares about how authentic you are, is you, so you are doing this for you, nobody else. Others will reap the benefits of who you choose to be. How you deal with that is up to you.

Would you like to make it your line of work and get paid for it? Would you like to explore it a bit and have it as a hobby? Now, there is the reason to find your authenticity. So you can always choose, in alignment with your drive within you. That is where you create from and this is where the surplus of energy is.

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