The power of lists

If you are desiring to be right, you will always be right. The question is though, is what you are right about updated to the very things that you desire for your life now?

Think about anything that you just know happens every time. That thing, can you picture it? Let me ask you this: is it really the only outcome possible, even though your experience tells you it is bound to happen? Or, as a familiar scenario, even though it is not what you are consciously desiring, it scratches that itch, of a list completed?

The multiple facets of lists

We make lists all of the time, especially when we are in new situations and meet new people. The sense of completion can come from just about anything.

It can be from checking off your ten point todo-list at work to doing a singel overdue task. Mind you, could that also be the reason for it being overdue in the first place? That the longer we wait the higher sense of worth it gives you? I digress, the many purposes of procrastination is a timely post for a later time.

Those feelings can also come from unconscious lists that we check in with during the day. The challenge however is when you would like to check off a list not yet created.

The advantages of control

The interesting and cunning works of how the subconscious can be used to your advantage, or you can be its victim. The sense of control you feel when their behaviour is familiar encourages you to lower your guard a bit more, and get more of the full experience of what is new to you.

Everything that is new to you; new spices, new colleagues and even a new lover, will after a while give you a sense of recognition every time you are exposed to them. You could, if you took the time to do so, actually create check off lists, which will then, one by one, come to fruition every time you hang out with them.

That feeling of control is challenged when the established boxes are not checked off. Something is wrong, we can feel it. Even if the change is for the better for them, they have not included you in this change, so your list is incomplete and you feel insecurity building. Are we then obligated to update everyone on our choices to change? So they don’t feel insecure? Is it really our responsibility?

Allowance of being

No, it is not our responsibility to update other people on how we change. It will happen automatically if they are in wonder. How? It is quite easy actually. All you have to do is to be willing to see a change in people, every day. To ask yourself: I wonder who they are today?

People change all they time! We just don’t notice it. We are too busy looking for what we know. Like it is almost a deceit on their part to divert from the unwritten part of your unconscious lists of who they are.

Now, if you turn that back to you, would you like to have the allowance to be anything and anyone you would like? What you practice being and doing on others is what you yourself think you deserve.

Being unaware of the powers of your lists, is what creates them into monsters. People are different, some enjoy them, others are hindered by them. I say, enjoy your lists if you like them, and most of all – become aware of them. They can give you clarity and a sense a safety when you need it. When you use them as a tool, not a rule, you will have the freedom to create just about anything!

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