When to stop thinking and start taking action

You know that feeling? That feeling of disbelief and lack of motivation to the point of disempowerment where you are left with just a hope, that something or someone, would come along and inspire you, into action.

but the scenery of your life is not moving

You’ve lost all motivation. Not in general, but there is a lack of forward momentum in the areas that are important for you to change. You are like a character on a quest a game of Mario Bros.

You are on a quest, but you are moving in the same spot. Your feet appear to be moving and it seems you are running and using a lot of energy too, but the scenery of your life is not moving. Your life seems to be at a standstill.

The feeling of frustration has festered, due to the lack of momentum in one area of life. It is clouding your perception of who you truly are.

Think about all the times you have you have said: I never knew it would feel like this / taste like this. Right? When you put action to what you are wondering if you would like to spend time putting action into:

  • Writing, drawing, photographing or another creative action
  • Friendships, lovers and marriage
  • Different job, position, collaborations
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Having kids, becoming a step-parent

Ready, set, GO!

What is missing here? You feel like you have tried just about anything and you are at your wits end. It is as if you are waiting for something. A sense of familiarity to appear within you, so you will choose that something else you have been longing for. Waiting for the sound of the horns, telling you that you are now ready to take action. That you now, through some unseen masterplan are allowed to believe. In you.

What if you didn’t have to wait for that signal? What if you can believe, just because you choose to? Right now? That you already have what it takes to take action. Does it seem impossible? Maybe, but how do you know if you haven’t tried?

How do you know if a lemon is sour if you haven’t tried it? How can you envision an experience you haven’t had? So just for the heck of it, let us go on this quest of wonder and impossibility, like any Super Mario, or superhero you have read about or watched in movies, just because something about it all feels right. Because that drive within you, which is the essence of you, is calling for you to listen.

It is not about devoting your full on attention and energy to this new venture. Just dab your toe in. Do something. To feel if the water is freezing or a temperature that invites you to put your feet or your legs in, and then you might feel inspired to go for a swim and explore what else is possible. Standing on the pier on a warm summers day, thinking maybe you should go for a swim, will not tell you if you will enjoy swimming that day.

I never knew it felt like this

I used to watch other people take action when I was younger, always admiring how they just went for it, thinking it was impossible for me to be like that. Until one day I just said: I don’t care how this goes, it feels right, I would rather take the consequence than feeling the disappointment yet again, for not trying.

Little bites of action will get you into the water or tell you that you don’t like to swim in lakes, actually you prefer the sea. You realise that the hesitation to take action came from the need for an adjustment.

How many places in your life are you hesitating to take action, just because you didn’t take the time to ask yourself the questions necessary to gain the clarity needed to either let the thought of the action go, or adjust and take a new action?

You know that one thing you have been thinking “Maybe I should….”. Like the Nike slogan says: just do it! Why? Doing it, taking action right now, is the only way for you to know how you feel and think about a certain topic. Your mind needs the reference points and the experiences through your senses, through your body, so for the next time, you can in fact not think, but perceive, how something similar could be in your life, before you take action.

It is all about what it will create in your life to take the action.

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