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It wasn’t until I found her that I truly started to explore and having fun with makeup. In fact I used to think it was something I had to do. Putting some colour on my face was such a bore and I never felt inspired to enhance my features. I just went with a sort of beige gold eyeshadow, black eyeliner and mascara.

When I found Linda Hallbergs products at Kicks I fell in love with her right there and then. What colours! What textures! I immediately bought two palettes, the mist spray and a few eyeliners.

She is a swedish makeup artist who decided to make vegan friendly products for multiple use. I use several of her palettes during the week and (if you haven’t noticed) finally feel excited when I play with the colours.

She makes it easy to explore subtle tones or kick it up a notch and go for the more expressive colours, with or without glitter.

I follow her on Instagram to be inspired. That being said, I have yet to go full on makeup as she does, but it inspires me to use new palettes and try out new combinations.

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