Why giving up is a good thing

So it is Monday, yet again.

Either you are hopeful and decided yesterday that this Monday would be the Monday to rule them all, or, you have already gone all motivated into the week a thousand times (well, at least it feels like it) and you just can’t anymore.

I might go as far to say, it is for the very few

You feel done, and that is ok. It doesn’t mean that you failed. Actually, it might mean that you got it more than ever before. Here is why.

One rule to rule them all

The old school way, of being motivated before you do whatever task or creating a project, is not for everybody.

In fact, I might go as far to say, it is for the very few, but someone out there caught on to the idea, of the one trick to rule them all. Wrapping it up with a neat little bow for the fourth power; all the magazines and newspapers out there, being the rulers of creation so you are protected from never feeling the weary sense of procrastination ever again.

I used to be this person. In fact, I tend to relapse into this way up being, until I just can’t stand the tightness in my chest. I also used to believe that if I just smiled, if I just showed my biggest smile, in the midst of misery everything would be ok. It never was, so I became a realist, which was one of my biggest defeats.

experience why things are possible or not, choose something else and keep moving forward

Three types of realists

Who likes realists really? I certainly didn’t, they seemed to be defeatists and so negative, and I never wanted to be one of those, until I realised; there are several types of realists. Here are the main three:

  1. The ones following the rules others have written. Those who refer to other peoples tests, research and thought out ideas and therefore say: it is not possible. Look. Here is the evidence.
  2. The ones who would like to find their own facts. They procrastinate, but are a bit further out of the gate than the previous gang. They don’t say things aren’t possible, they just want to find the facts they never seem to find.
  3. The ones who listen to what inspire them, following their own yellow brick road, not minding the odd detour now and then. They follow their own instinct, the drive within them, that pushes them forward and keeps showing them proof of why this method of working, whilst nonsensical, proves again and again that it is the most effective way of staying out of the uphill battle of procrastination. They experience why things are possible or not, choose something else and keep moving forward.

As humans, we can always choose, wether you like the idea or not. You may say that in your life, right now, that you don’t have any choice. That is ok. You can cling on to this as your fact, but I have another fact to show you.

Giving up

A lot of people out there, maybe someone you work with or study with, they have felt it too, that they didn’t have any choice, but one day they had enough and they gave up.

To create the life you love, you have to give up on all your stories of the facts that are hindering you from choosing something else. Yes, stories. No, I am not mocking your experiences, but rather inviting you to notice everyone around you who are swimming and join them. Look at them folding their hands in front of their chests and folding their feet, before shooting out their hands like an arrow through the water towards a destination and pushing their feet out to support this momentum.

Give up sharing your stories, so you can experience how it feels to move forward and notice, as you did when you learned how to swim, after putting in the hours of splashing like a seal tap-dancing on stage, at one point you just get it. You are swimming and it is easy.

Looking for that one trick to rule them all, is like saying: you don’t have any imagination, and you might agree to that, or at least stated it as a fact at some point in life, due to some idiots sense of timing to inspire you to give in. This is where you don’t give up.

Don’t ever give up on you. Give up on other peoples ideas of you.

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