If Alice had access to internet

Today we have all knowledge, and services, in the world available at your fingertips. You can live in a town with the population of 40 people and still be the most fashionable person on Instagram and get your masters degree. The information you’d ever desire is just a keystroke away. Does that mean you have to grab it?

Fountain of information

I remember when the internet came, and I definitely remember when I got my first smartphone. The pure bliss of getting the information, whenever and wherever, I desired it! How I, as just about anybody else, had my phone at the ready, for any question that I couldn’t answer myself. Oh, no problem, sweetie! I can answer in seconds! I became the preacher of the internet, giving you answers, if you had aked for them or not. Yes, you didn’t even have to ask!

This happened with friends, at parties and where I really shone were as a mom to my inquisitive kids. There was nothing I couldn’t answer. You see, I quickly developed a skill for how to ask the questions to Google so I would get the answers in record time. I even competed with others on who got the quickest answers. After a while something felt wrong about it and I was tired. I started to question myself: what was I teaching with my behaviour?

There is something about following the veritable rabbits in your life

Who are the facts for?

I started to answer I don’t know, what do you think about it? At first people got frustrated and asked me: aren’t you going to check on your phone? I would shrug my shoulders and say: I miss the days of wonder. Of seeing if I can remember who that artist was from my teenage years. Of talking with other people about how things work and actually letting some queries go – because I just don’t know or we can’t figure it out.

It became more and more clear to me what was important and what was less important to know. It dawned on me that I learning all these facts and knowledge that people can just as well google.

Whenever I would google something it was because I desired to know the facts. Of course if someone asked, I would oblige. There is something about that feeling though of being the wizard of knowledge. Still, I am a firm believer behaving as the grown up I would like to inspire my kids to be.

If Alice had the internet

We have arrived to a point where everything is important, and it is quite exhausting. Is this the foundation of fatigue for so many people?

Knowledge is power, which is not to be misused, least of all by yourself, on yourself. Meaning, instead of using this tool which is the internet, as a momentum for more wonder and deeper knowledge. Just because you are exited about it, it has become a force to be right, and that is all but a hop and not even a skip into to the rabbit hole.

If Alice had the internet, she wouldn’t be in wonderland, she would’ve done a quick query on her smartphone and decided over a post by a lifestyle coach or a psychologist, who would inspire her to be her own woman, realising that it is not required to be someones wife to live a full life. Also, she wouldn’t reach the bushes where she saw the rabbit, but then again – what is the fun in that?

There is something about following the veritable rabbits in your life. The thoughts, feelings or hunches who got your inquisitive mind triggered to look for what else is possible and how something can get even better than they are today. Not just to be better or best at something, but more to trigger the element of play which lies inherent in us all.

The wonder and the hunch

Kids learn through play. They get a piece of knowledge and they test it out through play, either role-play or through creating something with their hands. They are naturally driven by being in wonderland. I still am and when I noticed I became a servant of somebody else’s truths (all the so called authorities on internet) instead of discovering life for myself, I started to put away my phone and say: I don’t know.

What would happen in your life if you decided to let the chase go? The hunt for the truth and knowledge in just about any source out there? As they used to say before: it is in the newspapers so it must be true. People still think something is true, just because it is on the internet. Just like this post. How many of you read it hook, line and sinker as a truth, because you like the words I write?

The empowerment of being published when you seek the truth in others can however quickly faded when you put your own state of wonder first. You know, that feeling that hunch in your got, telling you that something is off.

Curiouser and curiouser

I have wondered a bit about the levels of being offended that people go through. At what stage in life are humans more offended? The teenage years.

So, I started to think about how much people allow themselves to have feelings and opinions and with the source of internet ready to support just about any opinion, people who previously did not feel heard, can now easily find their peers and shout their truths from any internet media outlet.

The funny thing though, the real teenagers of today, they are the least of our problems. They grew up with all these opinions and learned either through their own experience or somebody else’s the power of this tool, and the schools can easily detect anyone not trying to be genuine in their texts, by doing a quick text search, so these kids are left to being in wonder, with the added fact check here and there.

The grown ups who are now 50 plus are close to being like bulls in a china shop when it comes to using the internet as their arena for all their offended thoughts, feelings and emotions. I wonder if they have forgotten to be in wonder? To find life curiouser and curiouser.

I wonder what would happen if they thought about six impossible things every day before breakfast, instead of thinking about how perfect they can be for their boss, partner and kids today?

Hearing your own voice

In our Norwegian folktales we have the stories of Asbjørnsen and Moe, who in one of their stories talk about the boy who were about to be captured by the troll in the forest and got away with it by telling the troll that if he didn’t leave him alone, he would squeeze the troll as he squeezed the water out of the white stone in his hand.

Of course, the stone was not a stone, it was a white cheese, but the troll was not well versed in the varieties of cheeses. At times I picture people being squeezed as this white cheese, and their last drops of energy runs out of their body. I meet these people all the time and the word why keeps popping into my head.

Why would you do this to yourself?

One day I chose to go through everything of apps, mail subscriptions and everything that was talking to me from the internet and turned it off. I could breathe again. It stressed me out. No thank you. Not for now. I rather chose to listen to me and what inspired me from within, instead of constantly being inspired, when I haven’t had the time to hear my own voice yet.

Have you? Heard your voice today?

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