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With all the fashiontubers out there, you would think I have been inspired for a while now, but I haven’t. With the others I have watched, mind you, I haven’t seen that many but that just goes to show how willing I was to be inspired, I felt being way over 30 I was too old and I had no business having nice clothes or try to look good in them.

Actually there was this voice in my head saying “don’t be pathetic” and surely I am not the only one. I have come to realise that this was just a temporary glitch in the system, because why on earth would I live with that state of mind for the coming forty years? Shit had to change!

The long lost love

I used to work at the high street shops when I was younger selling clothes and I had loads of fun being the one who helped people style their bodies. Finding colours that accentuated their eyes and were good for the skin tones and made them feel fabulous, which was always a goal of mine to show why they look good not if they would.

Especially those who came into my store telling me that they couldn’t find anything to wear and nothing looked good on their body. Challenge accepted! The fun thing would be telling them that “this is something you can wear that I can not because you have more curves than me”. Which they did back then.

Problem is though, using all this time talking me down (unconsciously of course) I started to not like my body, which In fact was the envy of so many back then. I was slim and could easily find clothes to look good in and I started to feel uneasy with how the curvy ones would envy me and to be honest, feeling how I envied them. But that is just insane, right? As I have grown older I have gotten slightly more curves with the added fat as one gets when you stop moving about and quite frankly – I had given up, a bit, to be honest.

The last six months I started doing more yoga and had more of a self-love mode because coming along for the “I am getting older so I must know my place and start hating my body. You know what? No thank you. Honestly, where is the fun in that?

My own style

Speaking of fun, that is just it though, isn’t it? I now realise that I lost my playfulness with styling. It was never about my age. I had just given up.

I never looked awful (or maybe I did and I never noticed it) but, I looked bland and boring, and to me being the personality that I am, I don’t do bland and boring. At least not when I am true to my style.

After my yoga time (as I do with Yoga with Adriene) I like to watch a YouTube video with somebody else as I enjoy the feeling in my body. I haven’t followed that many YouTubers on fashion but I have checked out the spring/summer or fall/winter street styles on Pinterest and I have saved so many pins. And then there was Karen.

What I want you to get through your heads when it comes to style, it is your own. Your own!


She talks to you as though you were here best friend and the videos are so inspirational! What I tend to look for lately are people who are into the self-love and care for themselves, not for the reader/viewer. They’re just having fun and bringing you along.

Keep up with you

It is about the quality of living.

The thing is though. We change! YOU change, not just your body but you as a person. I wouldn’t be caught dead in what I would wear in my 20s when I was in my 30s and now I am in my 40s I wouldn’t dream of wearing what I wore in my 30s. But, here is the deal though, the beauty of coming into your mid-life. You have so much more experience so why not use it to your own benefit?

I have found that I love high waist in just about anything. Having slim hips, it is easy to look boyish when you follow what is recommended in the magazines for bodies, but we are not following the advice of the magazines, are we? We are following what feels good and what is fun, and the first time I put on a high waist jeans I had a bit of a hallelujah moment and the seed for loving my body and having fun with clothes was put firmly into the ground.

Also, an interesting fact or two for you at the end here. You look good in so much more clothes than the ones you keep buying. I highly recommend Karen’s purge videos with her friend Rihanna that might give you a bit of clarity as much as it did for me, how we tend to by the same clothes over and over again.

You look good

The other fact I want to share with you is you look good when you feel good and that is something you can actually decide to do. Just say, never mind, I was in a mood earlier, now I am just going to have fun with this. People will judge you no matter what.

People will judge you because

  • you are a different size and shape than they are (yes slim people envy curvy people too)
  • you are prettier than they are (totally subjective opinion)
  • you are more accomplished than they are (again, a subjective opinion)
  • you are braver than they are (need I say it? A subjective opinion.)

People tend to look outwards for the confirmation on what is right for them instead of inwards to the one feeling that confirms the fact that you look good. It is a feeling of ease and excitement. You feel like a million dollars!

I have found my playfulness again and joy with clothes! No, I will not share pictures for you to be inspired, go to Karen for that, at least for now. I will let you know when I have something to share. It is a challenge of mine from me to boldly stand in front of the camera showing you guys the clothes I love and makeup, – I love makeup so much as you can see in one of the posts on my website.

Speaking of websites: Karens is called Where Did U Get That. Here you can find loads of links to fashion finds, her preloved clothes for sale and special treats with the partnerships she does. Also, on her Instagram @karenbritchick she posts every day between her Friday YouTube video. The link is to her fabulous coat purge with Rihanna.

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