The two types of people in a crisis

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To keep it simple (yes, there will be variations of people) and for the sake of argument, we will be talking about two types of people here. You might recognise yourself in one group or, you might even fear that you are in the least desired group.

I am not here to tell you who you are or that you are wrong, but when you become aware of the difference you will indeed realise something amazing.

The two types

The first type you have already met. The Self affirmed Realist. They are loud and they are all over the media whilst hoarding toilet-paper like there is literally no tomorrow.

They will talk non-stop on how the economy is going down, how so many people are getting unemployed and they will have a day-to-day report at the ready to tell you exactly how many people actually died yesterday. The proficient ones even have the estimate on how many of us who will have died before this is over, so you can feel the fear that you could be next.

The second type is the type you might have concluded are only to be seen with the Sarah Blakely, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling and Seth Godin and other entrepreneurs of the world. But, they are only human! They weren’t born this success, so what do they all have in common?

They think something else is possible! Which in these days can be considered by the ones thinking the world is round when everybody else is convinced the planet is flat. You are a Wonderer and you are set on a constant search for what else is possible. When other people lay down to give up, you see it as a challenge to see what you can create that hasn’t been created before.

The other C-word

If you wonder if you are living as the Realist but really would like to be the wonderer, if you are not inspired on your own to do so, here is your official permission to be the Wonderer.

For those of you reading it this thinking that we cannot take this lightly and we have to take it seriously, yes – this is us taking it seriously, because when all of you out there are spending all of your time on what to fear and being in being in defence, the Wonderers are taking the necessary actions to not spread the virus and they are not giving up.

You have a choice and before you scroll on to the next post I urge you to just be in that feeling. That sense of provocation that the saying “you have choice” inspires in you. Ask openended questions.

Reaction vs Action

Now is the time to reclaim whatever means you have to affect your own life. Either you can react to the trauma and drama with shutting down and giving up on life and expecting everything you have ever seen happen in all the apocalypse movies you have ever seen.

Or, you can do something so outside of the box, that if people knew that you were doing something and even thinking outside of the box, they would consider you mad, maybe even insensitive.


Here is the thing though, nobody needs to know that you are exploring this change. You have no duty to report your every move to everyone.

Also, consider your audience when you share your thoughts and feelings, consider would it contribute more to tell them or will they most likely just tell me all the reasons why it won’t work and why I should just give up and follow the rules. Whoops! There they are again, the two types of people. Again, you have a choice to make.

Do you remember the story of the train that thought it could? Now is the time to read it again and remind yourself to feed your mind with: I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Finally, a post from my Instagram feed to remind you of the simple fact that…

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