What if you were the salmon in your story?

Photograph by Chris Boese / Unsplash

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Have you ever watched documentaries and been in awe of the determination and strength within the salmon? Now imagine if the salmon woke up one day and thought as humans do.

you lose your joy of living when you are restrained by fear.

For the salmon, when they have created and spawned, they die. You come alive when you create and what dies, is that net of fear and conclusions, that hinder you from being YOU.


He didn’t know what it was but something felt off. He’d felt the fear of being eaten by someone chasing him with their mouth snapping at his tale but nothing like this. He took a quick look around to see if there were someone lurking and his fish senses were telling him to look out, but there was nobody there.

The new feeling was located in the pit of his stomach. A heavy feeling, as though nothing was going to be ok ever again. That his abilities as a strong swimmer had never existed. He had been fooling himself all along. He was an imposter amongst salmons. What if someone found out he wasn’t a strong swimmer? Or even worse, they have known all along and never said anything to him because they pitied him?


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