What if you were the salmon in your story?

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Have you ever watched nature movies and been in awe of the determination and strength within the salmon? Now imagine if the salmon one day woke up and thought as humans do.

you lose your joy of living when you are restrained by fear.

The Story of Sid

Sid the Salmon woke up one day and something felt off. He didn’t know what it was but it just did. All he could say was that it was located in the pit of his stomach and it gave him a feeling of hopeless.

He started out his day with the usual wiggling of his body over the pebbles and stones to freshen up and ate his morning algae. Maybe that would help? Sid got a nagging feeling of there being something he was supposed to do today.

His friend Gilda the Salmon swam past and saw him low in the water. “Don’t you feel good, Sid? You look a bit down.” He looked up at her and realised what it was. With heavy eyes and a mouth like a cod he said: “There is no point in swimming upstream to spawn.”

Gilda was shocked to hear this. No salmon had ever said anything like this before. Had he been on a humans hook and then let go? It does do something to one’s nerves, that is true, but she couldn’t see any holes in his lips. Then she remembered something that was different with Sid.

He grew up with humans and the people he grew up with had to close their salmon business. It was no longer successful so one day they opened the net and let the fish go free. There was only one thing to do here. Remind him of who he was.

“Sid, I think you have forgotten something quite essential here. You are a salmon. This is in your genes. When you were trapped in the net, your life purpose was only to become a meal one day. Now that you are free there is room for your soul purpose as well. Which is to spawn after a full life in the ocean. Come with me and spawn at my birthplace and let your children be wild and free from birth.” And so he did.

Joy of living

Some of us forget that we are salmon. We are trapped in our net of conclusions on how to live in this life and don’t make a fuss.

When your DNA screams for you to create solutions, create services and products or art, you lose your joy of living when you are restrained by fear.

Most of us are waiting for a Gilda to come along and solve the problem for us when we shut down, give up and give in to that feeling. What if I told you there is an easier way?

That innate drive in you. The feeling of excitement within you when you speak about things you love is your call to action. Your call to your birthplace to spawn and create.

For the salmon, when they have created and spawned, they die. You come alive when you create and what dies is that net of fear and conclusions that hinder you from being YOU.

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