Drowning in Creativity

Here’s how to trick your mind out of procrastination and realise why the ideas came to you in the first place!

Do you have a mind that suggests new ideas every ten seconds whilst in the next ten seconds puts you in a downward spiral with thoughts on why you are the wrong person to produce said ideas? This often leads to frustration and the exclamation of why did you come in to my head in the first place?

Those who are not drowning in creativity will tell you to just ignore the ideas and focus on the job at hand. You might consider asking them if they have ever worked in a kindergarten, or tended to more than two children, because a creatives mind is like a unattended class of five year olds.

The ideas, nor the children, will be satisfied until you acknowledge what they have to say and lead them towards the goals set for the group. Or in this case, your business.

This is self-leadership in practice people and let’s get to the tools and create your ideas into fruition in no time!

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