How to support Black Lives Matter as an outsider

The belittling of others, because they are different, have been going on for millennia’s all over the world. What’s happening right now, not only have the black people of the US in a rage, we all have had enough for the longest time.

Nowhere does it say on the Wikipedia page that it has the power to shape someone’s way of being a saint or an asshole.

This rage was necessary for them to be heard because of their soft voice, their normal respectful outcries weren’t heard. They haven’t pulled out guns, they have pulled out their sense of decency and saying enough is enough.

The garment industry, such as Monki, is taking a stance and giving support through their social media channels and more.

Inspired by

As a white woman from Norway, I have never been a target for racism. On the other hand, since I danced to the Control album as a teenager (especially the song Nasty) from Janet Jackson in 1986, I have tended towards black women as my idol growing up. There was something so uniquely inspiring with the strong black women like Mrs Huxtable on the Cosby show and the wise uncle in Fresh Prince in Bel Air that I just didn’t see in most white women. Since then I have found a mix of people from white, black and all ethnicities around the world, who keep inspiring me to be a contribution to this planet and the people on it, every day.

Little did I know about the systematic racism going on, especially of the men in the black communities in the US but also the women. The systematic racism on account of not being white. As a white person I started to think: how do they don’t know the facts? Don’t they have schools in the US?

Melanin (/ˈmɛlənɪn/; from Greek: μέλας melas, “black, dark”) is a broad term for a group of natural pigments found in most organisms

Colour of skin

Nowhere does it say on the Wikipedia page that it has the power to shape someone’s way of being a saint or an asshole.

Melanin colours humans skin, eye colour and hair colour, it colours animals, plants, insects depending on the genes.

Black peoples genes have made a format that protects them more from the sun than my white skin who would need the sunblock factor 1000 to be outside in the shades in Africa.

I have a friend who actually moved from South Africa to England then Norway, found herself needing sunscreen after a couple of years. There is so little sunlight here in the north that her natural barrier was weakened.

The power of social media

I have a TikTok account which I use to listen, be entertained and support, by my comments on the creator’s pages. Up until now, there have been a lot of hearts, fireworks and rofl and a lengthy explanation on why I think they are great at what they do. It is a great creative outlet for people who are funny, educational, impressive and honest. The ones I follow have a strong voice and own who they are. They are now taking their stand in this community of one minute videos.

The videos are now flooded with the topic Black lives matter and people are being heard. I follow over 600 people and the support and education content on Black lives matter is booming. Creators are either giving a statement about their support, duetting to give time on their own channel for black content creators who educate on the matter or they are continuing to spread love and humour.

Because we are in general, a gentle kind of folk, a social-democratic kind of people who look towards a benevolent leadership and supporting those in need.

By the way: To all the US citizens who are descendants from Norway and support racism: your claim of heritage have hereby been revoked and you are no longer allowed to call yourselves a descendent, until the day you choose to treat people with the manners of a gentle man or a gentle woman, then you are most welcome. Your choice.

Why all lives matter is not the point

Thankfully there are videos being spread of police chiefs and officers who are so angry they are shaking. They did not sign up to be part of a police force that allowed Black lives matters to even be an issue. They wanted to be a part of the support and protection of their community and its citizens.

Dylan Evans is an British TikToker that I follow who often have a way with words that simplifies issues. He recently said: “It is not enough to say that we are anti-racist, in the same way, we are anti-paedophile and anti-rapist they need to fit into that category and it needs to be taken that seriously.”

Ingenious! It really is that easy!

I highly recommend you getting an account and give people like him and the spokespeople of the black community who are inspiring change through education and awareness. See the videos through, like them and follow these people if they are in alignment with your beliefs. Right now, this app is the most impactful for the cause and it is worth noticing.


Monki stands in solidarity with the Black Community and will not stand for racial injustice. They have donated with the rest of the H&M Group which they are a part of a total of 500 000 USD to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Color of Change, and the ACLU. You can read more in Monkis Instagram highlights.

By following the link on the image below, and should you choose to purchase something, you are supporting me as an affiliate of the clothing company Monki. I will get a percentage of sales.

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