Those feeling fab trousers

I used to hate wearing trousers. I just didn’t have the waist the other women who envied my narrow hips had. I envied them and they envied me.

I used to call my jeans “muffin-top-enablers” as my tummy tended to bulge as if it was looking for the rest of the trousers. Unless I wore a tight top as a band-aid. Still, it never felt like me. I started to think I would never love wearing clothes.

A few years back I noticed how much I loved the movies and series set in the 1940s. The clothes, the effortless elegance and the empowerment. I would comment to anyone in the room, or aloud by myself, how much I loved a certain outfit and why. Could this be what I had been looking for? Maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with my body, I just hadn’t found my style?

I was looking for comfortable elegance and I realised it was to be found in a high-waisted trouser.

Although, it started to feel like a daunting task as I started to consider the massive turnaround in my style if I were to embrace my newfound clothing experience. Buying these vintage outfits are costly! Would I also have to style my hair and makeup too as those fabulous women do, which it has to be said, are nailing it? And there it was.

I started to notice the words in my head. Do I have to…Of course not. I did try wearing pinstripe skirts, which were fun, but not what I was looking for. I was looking for comfortable elegance and I realised it was to be found in a high-waisted trouser.

I had realised the basic conception of where my waist was. Not right above my hips. My waist is just below my ribs.

My favourites are those who hug my hips and are loose in the legs with a fun shirt or blouse with a high heels of sorts to sign the deal. Down below is a selection of trousers with a pair of capris I will be trying out this summer.

Following the link in this collage supports me and my work should you choose to purchase at any of the shops.

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