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The strength of truly listening in life

I always look at an artist about page on Spotify when I find myself loving more than one album. I want to get to know them more. Read between the lines of their story to see what resonates with my own story.

You see when you truly listen you get in touch with your gentleness and you start seeing possibilities.

Lill Nermoen-Hanssen

Lately, my “Made for Lill” section on Spotify is almost all film music. No wonder, seeing that I play hours and hours of a handful of composers and I keep discovering new ones who inspire me.

I have one favourite who is played more hours of the day than others being that I am writing on a book and two of his scores helps me concentrate on the story. So, where do our stories meet?

Support in writing a book

By the end of this year, I am aiming to complete the draft of my first children’s book: Dragons of Spectralia. It is a book about dragons of different colours with unique experiences of a feeling. The green dragon Angrypants, the yellow dragon Happyfairy, the blue dragon Teardrops and the storyteller of them all—the red dragon Gentleheart.

They all live in Spectralia alongside humans solving problems and enjoying life together; dragons, humans, fairies and more whilst conquering the greatest enemy of them all,—the invisible dragon Misery fueling everyone with fear so they can be more like him.

I enjoy writing on my own. The only company required is music, and most often the kind without lyrics. The music invites me into a deeper emotion and there I find the words I was looking for.

My dragons needed oomph to get the story moving for me, so I added the score of my favourite gentle wonderer of them all: Christopher Robin (original movie soundtrack) and the misunderstood, powerful and beautiful Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (original movie soundtrack). I add them to my writing session, all depending on where I am in the book.

Black Lives Matter

For a while now, I have been looking for a question. Words brewing in me to impact others out there through my natural way of conveying my point of view. I’m not a fan of shouting in anger or being loud to make my message heard, although I understand it is necessary at times, especially in the USA at the moment. I found the words I was looking for in an unlikely place.

Geoff Zanelli, Composer (picture from Spotify page)

At the very end of the read of Geoff Zanellis about page on Spotify, I clicked the Twitter link and found a different take on the Black Lives Matter support. An honest and humble post.

Geoff Zanelli on Black Lives Matter

Geoff Zanelli is a storyteller through music. I wrote a comment to his tweet, explaining this.

“Right there with you. I have wondered about the strength of being the one who listens. That those of us who listen with every fibre of our being,—by listening for the change, will find ways of acknowledgement and empowerment through what we do best. Listen.”

You see, when you truly listen you get in touch with your gentleness and you see possibilities. This is the strength of listening as it it will unveil to you your unique contribution to any cause and as knowledge empowers you, you can share it in your day-to-day communication, and because it comes from you, people will listen.

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