The perfect writing scene – where do you write?

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Watching interviews with writers I like on YouTube, I noticed the most reoccurring questions were on the topic of the scene they created for themselves to get into that good feeling to write their word goals for the day. A multitude of questions is asked in hopes that someone will give the viewers the golden key which makes writing easier.

Whenever you write something, whether it is a short story, a novel, an essay or a poem; at what time are you allowed to write? In your opinion? What is required for you to be in your writing state of mind?

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Perfect writing scene

Some writers say they need a certain type of environment such as complete silence or a noisy cafe. I can relate to both in that I tend to start my day at a cafe where I brainstorm and get scenes out of my head who are eager to become another story. What I can say I do prefer is to sit close to a window so I can get ampel amounts of daylight and a view of life outside.

Other writers like props like a pen or a figurine or maybe a playlist that gets them right into the mood of the story. will talk more on this in episode 5 as it is quite a important tool for me and I have more to share on this.

Lastly, the excuse that rules the I -can’t-get-any-writing-done zone is most often ruled by those dreaded feelings. Those often found not conducive to a clear and motivating writing mind. I will get more into feelings and writing in the next episode called “3 tools to turn feelings into great writing”.

I have tried all of the above and then some on my journey to becoming a writer and found that, and I am sorry to say this, there is no such thing as a perfect writing space, magic thing, or playlist because I will always be influenced by feelings. Thankfully I have a default state of being where I look at what are the possiblities in what I perceive as challenge.

Your supertool

In my writing journey over the years I have found that Nike nailed it all along. Just do it. Just write, and if you are new at writing, do it every day.

You can’t learn what your voice sounds like in the written form, it has to be shaped over time and at one point, you will look at your writing and think if only for one scene, that is good writing. When you enjoy your own work, others will too.

Take it from the bestselling author out there; Stephen King. He writes every day. Whether they are on vacation or not.

I used to think he was mad for writing every day and I wondered how he wasn’t exhausted. Until I started to write more often myself and I noticed how I am in a much better mood and have more ease in my day, when I have written.

Writers need to write.

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