Movies that changed the quality of my life

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Some movies bring up a topic that I would love to hear more about. A second movie is just not going to cut it, I am in the moment right now and I just want it to last.

Seeing that the movies I love tend to be lengthy in the first place, I don’t think they will go for the 3rd or 4th hour anytime soon and to be honest, it is now or never. Now I am in the zone and I am licking the plate of all it’s goodies.

The only option is to come back which I do. I watch movies several times in a short time span and I love them, even more, every time I see them. These are the movies I watch more than two times a week or a month.

Inception (2010) is a movie that takes lucid dreaming into a whole new level. They use dream-sharing technology to plant an idea of a CEO who is dangerously close to making a big mistake. I watched this movie 11 times in two weeks.

Not only did the movie in its self fascinate me but it was the movie that made me conscious of the effect of film music. In episode nr 13 I will talk more on this and how Hans Zimmer revolutionised the film experience for me.

Julie & Julia (2009) is the story about two women with a love for food and how it not only gave more meaning to their lives but also shaped their future. I saw the movie 8 times in two weeks. Six the first week and two times two weeks later.

Before this movie, I found food to be a necessity, not something I enjoyed. After the first viewing, inspired by the women’s love for food, I went straight to the food market and bought a dish I’d never tasted before and had my first love-for -food experience.

Star Trek: Discovery is a series first launched in 2017 that shows the stories before Captain Kirk and Lt. Commander Spock’s journey on the Enterprise.

I am a die-hard Trekkie, to be honest, and I have been since I was a teenager. Exploring new worlds and new civilisations and gaining more understanding with everything unknown out there in the universes, struck a chord with me early on, with the Original Series (Captain Kirk) and The Next Generation (Captain Picard). I have watched the Discovery-series four times, both seasons, and I can’t wait for season three to arrive and hopefully, Captain Pike will get a spin-off series of his own and we can see his journey in becoming a captain.

I know many fans of Game of Thrones have seen the series multiple times as I have my shows and movies (so much more than the ones I have listed here).

I never found GT to be anything for me as I tend to not like the medieval scene much. Therefore I cannot voice any opinion about it since I tend to look more to the future, rather than the past, unless the story is set in the last century and/or explore historical figures or events.

Onwards and upwards people!

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