We are all storytellers

Photography by Pixar Animation Studios

Are you missing the days when your kids would go to the latest animation film with you? Yes, as they grew older and Pixar came along, grown-ups are looking forward as much as the kids to see the latest film but, after a while, the kids are too old. What do you do? You keep going to the films. And who knows, maybe there is a storyteller in you looking to come out and create an animation?

There is no upper age limit to watch animation films and here’s a bit of shocker, they are written by grown-ups! And, if you’ve ever made up a story for children I imagine you added something to make yourself laugh as well as the children.

I’m writing on a children’s book which I would love to turn into an animation one day, so I think doing a class on animation, whilst I write the book will give me an advantage.

The class I found is a free class from Pixar on Khan Academy where they invite you to the art of storytelling.

“You already are a storyteller, it is something you do naturally.”

I dove into the class myself and got more clarity on how I think and what works for me. I liked it because they go through character development, story structure and the foundation for your own stories, visual language, basic film grammar and finally, – the storyboarding, pitching, feedback and editorial process at Pixar.

Whether you are dreaming of animating a film or not, you will benefit from this free class, seeing that it shows you how to build a story from the people who love stories the most.

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