How to organise an overly creative mind

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I am halfway through the first month, of the three months dedicated to write and post every day. I have missed one day. That was the day when I decided to go all in.

I have the luxury of a mind that is too creative and never lacking an idea. I have no problem seeing things through either, although I am missing one thing that makes what I do more enjoyable for me.

When I write I tend to look for topics that intrigue me and I can learn more from. Many writers are like that, – we love to learn and research is the carrot that pulls us forward. I constantly geek out about something and it all has a common denominator: storytelling, and the love for it in every shape and form. Branding, the wonder of science, innovation, films and comics.

Know how you work

Secondly, I need to see my mind on the screen, as it were. More than others I need things to be visual and practical. In my experience, I feel Apple products have solved this for me. I really can’t think if something is generic and unattractive in my mind and Numbers have everything available to please my esthetic eye.

I even get to use one of my favourite fonts, fashionable font Didot as my heading. I write the body text in Helvetica Neue which is a great contrast to Didot. Fonts delight me and give that certain something as M. Gustave in the Grand Budapest Hotel gets when he spritzes on two dashes of L’Air de Panache to set the tone of his day, or before he does something important. So do I with fonts to set the tone of what I am creating.

Some of you reading this might find it highly unnecessary to spend time on making something as practical as a spreadsheet beautiful. Knowing how you work is the key, and it is quite the feat when a spreadsheet makes you smile, without showing you having loads of money after you paid all your bills. Maybe there is something else that tickles you in your work that might feel insignificant at the time; use of a certain type of notebook or pen, or a beautiful cup, listen to these signals from you, showing you how you can add joy in your work-life.

My spreadsheet

The spreadsheet is the calendar one, so I can plan ahead my writing. I changed the colours and font types, that’s it. I am already thinking about topics for the autumn and for Christmas and the New Year. This way I can think ahead and announce future posts. I have duplicated the tabs so I have an overview of all the months until February 2021.

I added a row for my weekly topics that I write on certain days. These are not set in stone until the three month mark. Until then, I am changing them whenever I am inspired to.

Overview of headings and progress

I also have a tab in the same document containing the headings of all my posts, so I don’t repeat myself too much. Unless there’s a point in doing so. This way I can search words I think about using in the post I am writing and see how often I repeat myself.

I colour the cells with the date in one of four colours to see my progress at a glance:

  • Red. This is an idea and nothing more has been written.
  • Yellow. The first draft, basically a braindump of the post and needs a second look-through in a couple of days.
  • Light green. Recorded for a podcast.
  • Green. The final draft of the post and the podcast is published on all their channels.
The stages of writing posts and recording For the Love of Storytelling podcast.
The stages of writing posts and recording For the Love of Storytelling podcast.
My goal

With this three month process I aim to get to know what I love most writing about, what people like me writing about and how I write.

Also, I aim to have a network within Medium with other writers due to my engagement with other peoples stories and work. I like the format of Medium. It excites me to be here and checking in at every available moment to see what story to read next.

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