How I keep moving forward when I’m tired

I wrote a story about how to organise an overly creative mind where I showed you how I use spreadsheets to organise my overly creative mind. What I didn’t tell you about the three-month writing marathon of writing every day, is by day 15, – I am exhausted as I sit down to write. Here’s how I keep moving forward!

Three questions to keep going

ONE. I still love writing. This has been established years ago and I look forward to being an old lady of 86 years, sitting at my desk with a view over the city (wherever that might be) still writing because I will still love sharing musings on life and wonderings about people and how they relate to each other.

So I connect with that feeling. I check in with myself, every time I get tired, by asking the question: does it excite me to write? Do I feel my heart race a bit by the very thought of writing? Yes? Then I continue to number two.

It takes work to become who you would like to be

TWO. Writing for me and sharing it with you. This is still a work in progress and probably the question I ask the most. In my defence against being overly self-absorbed, I tend to get too practical in my words and then the story loses its flow and rhythm. This is the window where the reader can fall in love with your writing.

So the question I need to ask myself is: am I afraid to be self-absorbed here? Am I being practical?

THREE. As soon as I share from the love of writing, instead of being in service for others, I gain my breath again that somehow got shortened in frequency but now has turned into a gentle smile.

Before I decided to write on Medium every day, I had just stopped doing what had drained me for years, advising others on their lives. The verbal version, where I coached them in becoming more of them. The question now is: Am I writing to fix the reader or am I writing because I am inspired and would like to share?

Accepting how you work

It can be quite draining to work one on one, all depending on who you are, of course. I just learned in my mid-forties that people drain me. I love my own company and my vivid imagination. I tend to say to people when they look at me quizzically in stating my love for working on my own: there is a party going on in my mind at all times, I am never bored. Then they smile and look up at my forehead, as though they can see it happening.

It is not about writing but more about being the writer I choose to be. It takes work to become who you would like to be. To shape your mind from dreaming about being a writer to actually becoming one.

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