Finding your footing with a new project

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Have you ever tried someone else’s advice, and found a few weeks in that you are out of fuel? Instead of being excited about this new wind of change, the motivation is ebbing out. Where did it go? The momentum lost its footing.

It’s like breathing in on day one and breathing out on day two.

Take a knee

Today I could’ve reached a benchmark, of writing every day for a month. Published both on my website and on my profile on Medium. This story would’ve been about how I managed to be consistent for 30 days and what benefits I gained so far before I pressed on for another month. But I’m not there yet, you see. I’m on day 22 after over an 11-day break.

If you’ve come across the marketing guru Seth Godin, it won’t take long before you’ll hear him say that he himself had written a post every day since before January 2002. This is where his archive starts. By entering Seth into your web browser his blog will appear on top of your search.

I’ve discovered over the last year that by default I tend to focus on others needs when things speed up for me or get too intense. So, I’ve learned to stop. So I can listen and take a knee, as Will Smiths character Cypher Rage in the movie After Earth instructs his son Kitai when he feels he loses control.

Space to contemplate

I didn’t just take a day or a weekend break. I needed to claim my space back to find my footing. After 11 days of basking in my own space, I found more than I expected. I have written before about my workflow during a day and tips on how you can find yours. This was more on the rhythm of the day, now I seem to have found the rhythm of the content.

  • On and off. I like to write the first draft on day 1. On the second day, I edit and publish. It’s like breathing in on day one and breathing out on day two.
  • The weekend. Saturdays are not a writing day for me. It is the: going out and connecting with the world day. Sundays however are writing days. Thankfully, my husband and I like to spend a couple of hours to prepare for the week on this day.
  • Choose for me. Being an all-in type of woman, I found time to calm down to focus on the publications on Medium I wanted to write for. The Innovation is one of them.
  • Publications. I realised I wanted to create my own Publication. I haven’t finalised the details of it, but I feel the excitement just thinking about it and that is my guide in knowing I doing what is right for me.
  • Books. I’m writing on two fiction and one non-fiction book which I’m in no hurry to get published right now. That doesn’t mean they benefit my other writing. I cherish writing on them and exploring the characters. So, I make time to write on them every other day.

This 30-day goal is part of my 3-month exploration of becoming a structured and productive writer on my website and on Medium. To see what else was possible if I set a time limit. What would I find? Obviously, more posts like this to find here on my website, over the next two months.

There are benefits and non-benefits of writing every day. Here’s a link if you’d like to read more about what other writers on Medium has experienced on the topic.

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