Why is kindness harder to take than bullying?

I find the presidential campaigns a fascinating show of different leadership ideals. I’ve talked about Trump’s leadership style. Now, let’s look at Bidens and the possibilities with a benevolent leadership style.

There is strength in kindness. It’s not about being nice or being a doormat.

One of my popular stories on Medium is the Time to stop saying bullying is ok. Ok? It might be due to the topic of calling out leadership for leadership, no matter if you’re one of the more prominent leaders of the world or not.

Yes, I referred to Trump in my story, on the leadership style he shows on any screens and apps near you.

Is kindness in leadership a weakness? Or, could it be the strength we’ve been looking for? Right now it’s staring America in the face.

Mainly I write about creativity and leadership, and sometimes the two are present in one story. However, this story is about (take a breath in) a good old-fashioned (breathe out) dignified leadership.

Read the full story on Medium.com were I’ll shed some light what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris showed us of leadership styles, in their interview with 60 Minutes, earlier this week.

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