Overthinkers and a sensitive hearts autopilot

There is no doubt that it’s a good thing to take people seriously. The problem is when you exclude you in the process. If you truly want to take people seriously, you have to include yourself.

In fact, if you truly want people to feel cared for, you should make every effort to ask your yourself the questions needed to see things from your point of view, as well as theirs. Questions like these.

  1. What is it about this person that resonates with me?
  2. What is it about what they’re saying that resonates with me?

When you know what you think about a certain matter, their behaviour and actions will make more sense to you.

If they don’t, ask yourself the third and most important question:

3. Is this relevant to me or somebody else?

If you’re an avid over thinker and carer of others, your ultimate challenge will be what is your truth. When something truly is for you and when it’s somebody else, you’ll sense a flash-feeling, in half a second, that if you listen to what you’re inspired to do, will with practice quiet your automative thinking. Your autopilot.

There’s a bonus to this thinking. Over time, –you’ll know more easily when to engage, and more importantly when not to. Why? Your autopilot wasn’t built in a day. After days and months of you repeating the same thoughts and feelings they grew strong. However they need attention to keep it up. So, when you choose to give your attention to exploring your truth, this will be your new autopilot.

I know this scenario all too well. Surprisingly, the change came from an unexpected ability I didn’t know I had. In fact I thought I hated it but now it has become something I look forward to, every day.

This is your invitation to exercise your small talk muscle! Yes, I said it. The last thing you might want to do as an overthinker and a sensitive person but, I promise you, it will build your confidence and it is possible.

This is the dedicated topic for my business right now and I’m sure it will for years. So check in weekly on Life by Lill to see, and hear, what’s new.

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