3 tips to continue your workflow from yesterday

After a productive workday, I often get a creative hangover. No worries, I’ve found a cure for it so you too can keep moving forward.

Our bodies are made to move every day and more importantly, your body should be enjoyed by you

I went out to buy my husband a gift yesterday, for his birthday today. Close to the shop, my favourite coffee house had a store and there was room for me to sit down and enjoy a cappuccino whilst writing.

Productive workday

The words flowed out of me with great music playing in the background, ranging from old-time Armstrong jazz, Elvis pop and Singing in the Rain musicals to modern indie Billie Eilish music. The only ones talking in the room were the people who work there and the customers. Which was ideal for me, as I’m working on creating classes in small talk and I was eagerly listening in on the conversations.

I’m one of those who’ve found the benefits of this hated genre of conversation and actually love talking to people in short sections of time, whether they are strangers, acquaintances or colleagues.

At the coffee house, I listened in on the conversations to be inspired to write everything I know about the subject. All the do’s and don’ts and why small talk is so important in our society and our own wellbeing. I will boldly go where not many people have gone before, and toot my own horn in self-proclaiming myself to be the Queen of Small Talk. Today the workflow was lacking so I pulled out my tools of reclaiming my workflow.

I’ll play Chaka Khans song Like Sugar, on repeat, until I’ve danced myself back on track

The creative hangover

You know when you feel like your getting somewhere and you’re finally past the stage of playing with ideas in your head and your getting things done? Waking up the next day can be daunting, at least to me. The beauty is when you get sick and tired of something, which I’ll do quickly, I’ll look for the solutions to get back into that good feeling vibe.

This is a proven tactic of mine that I’ll share with you to hopefully get you inspired in finding your own way back into the flow.

  1. Chaka Khan. I know from experience that I have to move my body to change the attitude in my head, so I can get into that good feeling. I’ll play Chaka Khans song Like Sugar, on repeat, until I’ve danced myself back on track. What’s the music that’ll dance you back on track?
  2. Refresh the room I’m working in. Normally I sit at our dining room table by the large window looking onto our garden to recharge my body with as much daylight as possible. As we have an open floorplan, I basically sit in the kitchen and living room as well. The next step is to get a cloth soaked in ginger and red clover (any fragrance you enjoy), whilst I open the windows on both ends of the floor to flush out the stale air from yesterday, I’ll keep dancing to Chaka Khan.
  3. If I’m really feeling off, I’ll continue with Katy Perry and SmileThat always pulls me back into that good feeling, particularly for those days that start off with a headache and a sluggish feel in my body.
  4. Look at the final notes. I end every day with notes on what I think will be most beneficial to start my day with. They are there for when I’m in doubt about what to do. Normally in the morning, I write for a couple of hours. These notes are for when I’m not in a writing mood and apparently am more motivated to create something else. I’ve learned not to challenge my inner drive when it’s strong and clear.

Looking at my final notes from yesterday, I remembered that I was motivated to create some digital products for the small talk classes. My workflow was back! As soon as I recognised this, and listened to that feeling in my body, I was inspired to write as well as making the digital products.

A day that started off in a sluggish, uninspired mood was changed in the course of 30 minutes.

Our bodies are made to move every day and more importantly, your body should be enjoyed by you, like when you dance.

Move your body to the music that inspires you.

Wake up your senses with fragrances that inspire you.

Be the one that inspires you by doing what’s required for your unique self. We’re different and that’s the beauty of it all!

Wanna dance?

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