Self-leadership Through Storytelling episode No. 023


Small talk made easy

At the moment I’m writing the manuscript for classes (yes, plural) in small talk. I was writing on something else actually when the subject of small talk kept appearing on my pages. It all made sense after a while. Why it fit with what I was writing but also that I realised that I loved small talk. Not only that, I was great at it!

Isn’t this what they keep telling you to look for? 

The thing that

  • is easy for you
  • is fun for you
  • you do whether or not you get paid for it

I’ll add a fourth point to look for as well: something you want to explore for years to come that you don’t tire of talking about.

So, what’s your topic that is easy, fun and you’re doing it whether you get paid for it or not?

My stories on Medium are about self leadership and how to keep moving forward in whatever you’re creating in your life.

After writing 10 000 words so far on small talk I realise that it’s a topic that very much has to do with self leadership and can be an excellent opportunity to be inspired to keep moving forward.

So why call this Modern Small Talk? In this podcast you will find tools and tricks to master the least popular communication type and gain confidence at the same time. 

  1. There have never been a greater need for knowing the art of small talk.
  2. Small talk has evolved into short conversations with value for time.
  3. In essence, small talk is the art of
    1. Starting a conversation with familiar people and complete strangers
    2. Truly listening to the other party without judging you
    3. Contributing with an observation, some knowledge or a question
    4. Ending a conversation better than you found it and leave them wanting more
  4. Small talk gives you confidence

If you’d like to read more on this topic check out my story on Medium 3 tips to continue your workflow from yestersday and follow my publications Self-Leadership Through Storytelling.

Have yourself a great week, just as you like it.

From the queen of small talk,

Lill Øyunn

As mentioned in the podcast, here’s the link to my Pinterest for more inspiration on small talk, self-leadership, confidence, higher quality of life, –and cake and biscuits, of course.
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