To belittle, or not to belittle oneself

Yesterday I reached a point where I knew I needed to change something.

I’ve been podcasting every day for 21 days now and my other creative endeavours have come to a creative halt, shouting at me:

“Do you have enough intel yet?!”

This could been an opportunity to belittle myself. I could said:

“I should finish a hundred days before I come to a conclusion.” But I didn’t.

The thing is; I don’t need more days. After three weeks of talking every day about creativity, leadership, small talk and a higher quality of life, I’ve realised that the four shows could now be two.

Two higher quality and longer shows.

Tuesdays at 6 pm CET I’ll publish the show What if…102 and I’ll include the previous Saturdays show Creative Book of Wonder, because I realised they belonged together. It was all about the intentional living and exploring what would be your ideal for a higher quality of life whilst shaping the story of the life you’d like to live.

Fridays at 6 pm CET I’ll publish Modern Small talk which also includes quite naturally the Self-Leadership Through Storytelling show from Mondays. Modern Small Talk lays the groundwork for a more confident living and you need self-leadership to get you there.

So, yes, I had enough intel. And this time, I stopped before I exhausted myself with trying to be a good girl, following through a promise, I never gave, on how long I would do a daily podcastshow for.

I’ll talk more on this on Tuesdays episode and may the fourth be with you on that day. 😉

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