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I am Lill Øyunn Nermoen-Hanssen, I write about self-leadership, creativity, the power of small talk and how to gain a high quality of life, – at any age.

To keep moving forward will take practice and it requires a sense of curiosity and willingness to shape your story, with your voice.


On Medium you’ll find my publication Self-leadership Through Storytelling. These are essays on anything self-leadership related, creativity and how to keep moving forward when you really don’t want to.

These stories and more are now being collected into a book with the same name, which will be available in the fall of 2021.


During the week I’ll be talking about everyday topics in your life, showing you examples on how you can change the stories in your life, with the podcast channel “Self-Leadership Through Storytelling”.

Tuesdays I muse over What if You Knew You’ll Be a 102 Years Old? I know, this sounds bonkers but, it’s a great way to look at what you’re investing in your own seI promise.

Fridays I discuss Modern Small Talk and why it will give you the confidence you’re looking for.


There will be a new online-class in Modern Small Talk during 2021. More details to come.

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